Kaiserslautern → Groningen

I am currently in the process of moving from the University of Kaiserslautern (Germany) to the University of Groningen (Netherlands) from which I have received an offer for a permanent position as Associate Professor for Systems and Control within the Johann Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science. I will start in Groningen in November and as soon as I have a website with my new contact details, I will update my About Me page. My uni-kl-email-address will be valid until March 2018, so you can still reach me with the old email-address for a while.

The first five years in Groningen will actually be paid by my Vidi-grant which I obtained for my project proposal entitled “Analysis and Control of Switched Differential Algebraic Equations”. In the near future I will add a project page with more details about this project. To get a first idea, see the public summary in the list of Vidi Awards 2016, the corresponding press release of the University of Groningen, or the press release of the Faculty of Science and Engineering.