My name is Stephan Trenn and I am researcher in the area of applied mathematics, for more informations see the About Me page. You may also want to browse my publications, which can be filtered e.g. by keywords and coauthors. I also have profiles at Google ScholarResearchGate and ORCID.

Below, I will regularly post  news related to my research.

Finally, my Erdös number (see also here) is 4.
(Eugene P. Ryan – Geoffrey R. Burton – George B. Purdy – Paul Erdös)

New research website launched

Due to my forthcoming appointment at the University of Groningen in the NETHERLANDS, my current research homepage domain with a top-level-domain “de” seems inappropriate and I decided to use the more neutral top-level-domain “net”. I will use this transition to relaunch my research website in a new design. It will take some time until I have transferred all my content and I will post the status of my migration here.