Finished projects

2017 – 2022: Analysis and control of switched differential algebraic equations (PI: S. Trenn), NWO Vidi grant 639.032.733

2016-2020: Coupling hyperbolic PDEs with switched DAEs: Analysis, numerics and application to blood flow models (PIs: R. Borsche and S. Trenn), DFG-grants BO 4768/1-1 and TR 1223/4-1 within DFG priority program SPP 1962 „Non-smooth and complementarity-based distributed parameter systems: Simulation and hierarchical optimization“

2014-2018: Observer design for linear switched differential-algebraic equations (PI: S. Trenn), DFG-grant TR 1223/2-1

2010-2014: Time-varying and switched differential algebraic equations (PIs: A. Ilchmann and F. Wirth), DFG-grants IL 25/9 and WI 1458/10-1